bold_border                              HOLY WEEK 2023



                                                7.30 pm Tenebrae Service

The ancient service of readings and candles

All Saints, Wragby

9pm – 10pm All Saints, Wragby

Silent Vigil

People are invited to church anytime during this hour for silent prayer at the foot of the Cross. (Vicar will be present throughout)


Walk of Witness - Good Friday

Join us as we walk in procession behind a Cross through Wragby on Good Friday. We will be remembering the walk that Jesus himself made on Good Friday. Some people may be in costume. People welcome to bring along a drum to beat to help us mark time. This is part of an ancient tradition in many communities of mystery and passion plays at Easter-tide. We gather outside the Methodist Church at 1.30 pm and walk to Wragby Market Place. We then walk to All Saints, Wragby arriving about 1.55 pm. People are welcome to join the Service of the Stations of the Cross in All Saints, Wragby that begins at 2pm if they wish.Revd. Mark Holden – Vicar.


Service of the

Stations of the Cross



2 - 3pm - All Saints, Wragby

We mark this service in the traditional way with a procession in the church (people can stay in their places if this is more convenient).


At 3pm a Church Bell is tolled to sound out across our community.


Service of Easter Light

6 am - Easter Day, St. Oswald’s Rand


We begin Easter Day in the traditional way at dawn with this short dawn service.

A bonfire is kindled in darkness and silence. Candles lit as we process into church to give thanks for the Resurrection.

Refreshments will be served.


Service of Holy Communion


9.30 am – All Saints, Wragby

Celebrate Easter Day with this special service

Favourite Hymns & Songs

                   Not too long

                             Things for children too     

An Easter Egg for Everyone

You are invited to bring a flower to decorate the cross if you wish.